Affordable Tax preparation

We professionally and accurately prepare Federal and State Income tax return for your personal and business needs. Our services are confidential and provided in stress free secured environment. PKFS Group will apply all tax rules to maximize your return while reducing your liability. Although; others may use standard methods to get a refund, our top goal
and mission is to provide affordable tax preparation with your best interest in mind. We encourage people to itemize and to file electronically while using IRS free selective tool to make payments due.

Fast Refund/ Refund Transfer/ DDRT

At PKFS Group we also believe in providing our customers with the freedom to choose how to get back their refund. There are currently four options to
choose from depending on your need. Bank approved loans (minimum processing fee)…free direct deposit using your personal account or prepaid (only cost of preparation)…Or have your tax preparation fee taken directly out of the refund (received all the above using bank application, hassle free).
Please ask at PKFS Group Representative for more info.

Document preparation /IRS Representation

We aware that taxation is complicated and therefore it could cause some lifetime event changes that might or may not need anything more than an explanation.
At PKFS Group we design extra services to meet your needs such as IRS representation, document review and possible refilling; an added complementary service from us for preparing your return. If someone else prepares it; the one and one service attach to it will help us understand the issue before hand to better serve this complicated and sometime easy tax matters. Our network of professionals will help guide you and how to interpret follow by the action potentials to resolve such matter.

Notary Service

As sworn public officials, the notaries serve as important role in the prevention of fraud and protection of the parties involved by acting as an official, unbiased witness for certain documents.
Because of this important role we should understand the duties and responsibilities of notaries public when properly performing notary acts.

Book Keeping

Before computers were in common use, bookkeeping was done by an actual bookkeeper. This person kept a company’s day-to-day financial records by manually recording every business transaction into a journal. As an entrepreneur we realized this task could be quite consuming so our group consist of well experience professionals who have in deep experience in bookkeeping and accounting.
They would manage all your bookkeeping and accounting work. We will provide you with fast accurate service for all your financial needs.

Business Consultation

Please stop by our office and tell us about your opportunities and business challenges and/or needs. Our free business consultation is design to open and closed doors uncertainness; we would like to know about you and how can we serve you.
Thank you, for visiting us please come back or
Call from 9:30 am -8pm Monday to Friday.